the drive in clawson

Play 18 hole golf courses just like you would outdoors at THE DRIVE IN in indoor comfort. You drive, chip, or putt real golf balls with your own clubs. The realistic ball action allows golfers to hit hooks, slices, draws, fades and straight shots. The ball reacts with images on the screen, disappearing behind hills and bouncing off trees.

Come in to THE DRIVE IN in downtown Clawson and play 9 to 18 holes from the fairway, rough or sand and watch as your ball hooks and slices just like in real life. Here at THE DRIVE IN you can change the course conditions to soften the greens or add wind; even give yourself a power boost and hit it as far as the pros!


At THE DRIVE IN you can use your real clubs and real balls to golf all year round on any course you want in our top of the line golf simulators. Play a full game at Troon North in Scottsdale, Arizona or try the Prince Course in Kauai, Hawaii, or even The legendary Pebble Beach all-year-round.

Did we mention you can enjoy a nice brew and great food while you play your round? Food, drink, and play 18 regardless while keeping your game finely tuned!!!!!! You're gonna call THE DRIVE IN! your hole in one!